United States History

2015 AP U.S. History Practice Exam Multiple-Choice Questions 41

Questions 40 – 42 refer to the excerpt below.

“[T]he condition of the African race throughout all the States where the ancient relation between the two [races] has been retained enjoys a degree of health and comfort which may well compare with that of the laboring population of any country in Christendom; and, it may be added that in no other condition, or in any other age or country, has the Negro race ever attained so high an elevation in morals, intelligence, or civilization.”

John C. Calhoun, political leader, 1844

Which of the following most directly undermines Calhoun’s assertions?

(A) Many slaves adopted elements of Christianity.
(B) Many slaves engaged in forms of resistance to slavery.
(C) Abolitionist societies encountered difficulty organizing in Southern states.
(D) A majority of White Southerners were not slaveholders.

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