Choose the sentence that is NOT correctly written or that is unclear. If all sentences are correct, choose answer d.

a. After he left, I went straight to bed.
b. For the first time, I understood what she was talking about.
c. We visited the town where my father grew up last summer
d. No mistakes.

It didn’t take long for the children to ……. off the cakes and pastries that had not been eaten at the party.

(a) end
(b) ending
(c) finish
(d) finishing

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“Are you ready to order?” “Not yet – I’m still looking at the …….. .”

(a) bill
(b) menu
(c) service

To most people it seemed like a long and successful relationship and so it was a great surprise to learn that they had ……. with each other.

(a) ends
(b) ended
(c) finishes
(d) finished

He ……. off at me again simply because I had forgotten to lock the back door after I came home.

(a) started
(b) began
(c) begun
(d) starts

I ……. speak French without a problem now because I have had many lessons.

(a) may
(b) can
(c) have

We live ……. the city centre.

(a) near
(b) next
(c) by
(d) nearby

For a wide variety of different reasons, more and more people are making the choice to vacation close to home.

a.  For a wide variety of different reasons, more and more people
b. For a variety of many reasons, much more people
c. As I look forward to welcoming you and to have
d. More people, for various different reasons,
e. Lots of people, for many numerous reasons

Simone bought three new pairs of shoes even though she had put herself on a tight budget just last week.

a. shoes, even though, she
b. shoes, even though she
c. shoes. Even though she
d. shoes; even though she
e. correct as is

When will you ……. come and see us in our new house?

(a) can
(b) be able to
(c) must