A gale-force solar storm that hit the Earth on March 13, 1989, sent electrons arcing across power lines, railroad tracks, and expanses of iron-bearing rock in eastern Canada, where alarmed engineers tried but failed to keep the Hydro-Quebec power grid operating.

(A) tried but failed to keep
(B) tried but failed in their keeping
(C) had tried but were failing in keeping
(D) were trying but having failed to keep
(E) were trying but they had failed in keeping

I read the ……. of that book but I couldn’t possibly read the whole story.

(a) starting
(b) start
(c) beginning
(d) begin

Both by ——- and by gender, American painter Mary Cassatt was an ——-, because her artistic peers were Frenchmen.

(A) background . . amateur
(B) citizenship . . intellectual
(C) nationality . . anomaly
(D) style . . advocate
(E) skill . . expert

Despite its apparent ——-, much of early Greek philosophical thought was actually marked by a kind of unconscious dogmatism that led to ——- assertions.

(A) liberality . . doctrinaire
(B) independence . . autonomous
(C) intransigence . . authoritative
(D) fundamentalism . . arrogant
(E) legitimacy . . ambiguous

Choosing a small, fuel-efficient car is a ______ purchase for a recent college graduate.

a. corrupt
b. tedious
c. unhallowed
d. sardonic
e. judicious

Kym was ______ in choosing her friends, so her parties were attended by vastly different and sometimes bizarre personalities.

a. indispensable
b. indiscriminate
c. commensurate
d. propulsive
e. indisputable

His suit of armor made the knight ______ to his enemy’s attack, and he was able to escape safely to his castle.

a. vulnerable
b. churlish
c. invulnerable
d. static
e. imprudent

Outcomes Placement Test Package Placement Test Question 41

This used to be …….. part of the city, but since the old buildings were renovated it’s become a very fashionable area.

(a) an affluent
(b) a run-down
(c) a trendy

Records documenting the presence of Africans among the crews of explorers like Christopher Columbus ——- the antiquity of the African presence in the Americas.

(A) create
(B) illustrate
(C) compromise
(D) overlook
(E) modify

They have a very large house round ……. there are some lovely gardens.

(a) that
(b) which
(c) whose