Outcomes Placement Test Package Placement Test Question 6

Tomorrow’s a holiday, so we …….. go to work.

(a) have to
(b) mustn’t
(c) don’t have to

I only want ……. little sugar in my tea, please.

(a) a
(b) the
(c) such

She reached the ______ of her career with her fourth novel, which won the Pulitzer Prize.

a. harbinger
b. apogee
c. metamorphosis
d. dictum
e. synthesis

I have always admired Seymour’s ______; I’ve never seen him rattled by anything.

a. aplomb
b. confluence
c. propriety
d. compunction
e. nostalgia

I have left my book in ……. and I would like you to get it for me.

(a) kitchen
(b) a kitchen
(c) the kitchen

Instead of presenting a balanced view of both sides of the issue, the speaker became increasingly ——-, insisting on the correctness of his position.

(A) inarticulate
(B) dogmatic
(C) elliptical
(D) tactful
(E) ambiguous

Lila wasn’t feeling well. _____________, she decided to stay home from work.

a. Therefore
b. Meanwhile
c. However
d. Anyway

Trinkets intended to have only ——- appeal can exist virtually forever in landfills because of the ——- of some plastics.

(A) arbitrary . . scarcity
(B) theoretical . . resilience
(C) ephemeral . . durability
(D) obsessive . . fragility
(E) impetuous . . cheapness

As executives of the newspaper seek to make the paper more competitive and to broaden an advertising base heavily dependent on business-related advertising, they are exploring the addition of a Saturday edition to its weekday schedule.

(A) As executives of the newspaper seek to
(B) As executives of the newspaper, seeking that they
(C) As executives of the newspaper, seeking to
(D) With executives of the newspaper seeking to
(E) With executives of the newspaper seeking that they

Choose the sentence that is NOT correctly written or that is unclear. If all sentences are correct, choose answer d.

a. Bring your umbrella tomorrow it’s supposed to rain.
b. The dancers’ costumes were being delivered on Saturday.
c. Would you consider bringing me as your guest?
d. No mistakes.