Logic & Reasoning

The rules of baseball state that a batter Legally Completes His Time at Bat when he is put out or becomes a base runner. Which situation below is the best example of a batter Legally Completing His Time at Bat?

a. Jared’s blooper over the head of the shortstop puts him in scoring position.
b. The umpire calls a strike, even though the last pitch was way outside.
c. The pitcher throws his famous knuckleball, Joe swings and misses, and the umpire calls a strike.
d. The count is two balls and two strikes as Mario waits for the next pitch.
Logic & Reasoning

Embellishing the Truth occurs when a person adds fictitious details or exaggerates facts or true stories. Which situation below is the best example of Embellishing the Truth?

a. Isabel goes to the theater, and the next day, she tells her coworkers she thought the play was excellent.
b. The realtor describes the house, which is eleven blocks away from the ocean, as prime waterfront property.
c. During the job interview, Fred, who has been teaching elementary school for ten years, describes himself as a very experienced teacher.
d. The basketball coach says it is likely that only the most talented players will get a college scholarship.
Logic & Reasoning

Erratic Behavior occurs when an individual acts in a manner that lacks consistency, regularity, and uniformity. Which situation below is the best example of Erratic Behavior?

a. Julia cannot contain her anger whenever the subject of local politics is discussed.
b. Martin has just been told that he is being laid off. Before leaving his supervisor’s office, he punches a hole in the door.
c. Rhonda has visited the dealership several times, but she still cannot decide which car to buy.
d. In the past month, Jeffrey, who has been a model employee for three years, has repeatedly called in sick, forgotten important meetings, and been verbally abusive to colleagues.
Logic & Reasoning

Look at this series: 72, 76, 73, 77, 74, __, 75,… What number should fill the blank?

a. 70
b. 71
c. 75
d. 78