I read the ……. of that book but I couldn’t possibly read the whole story.

(a) starting
(b) start
(c) beginning
(d) begin
World History

Under whose reign did the Koreans develop their own written language and strengthened Confucianism’s influence in Korea?

(A) Anjang
(B) Pyeongwon
(C) Taejong
(D) Yejong
(E) Sejong

The soldiers received a military ______ to inspect all their vehicles before traveling.

a. allotment
b. dominion
c. affectation
d. calculation
e. mandate

Outcomes Placement Test Package Placement Test Question 6

Tomorrow’s a holiday, so we …….. go to work.

(a) have to
(b) mustn’t
(c) don’t have to

Barton College Practice Placement Test Question 26

If the voltage, V, in an electric circuit is held constant, the current I, is inversely proportional to the resistance, R. If current is 120mA (milliampere) when resistance is 5 ohms, find the current when the resistance is 15 ohms.

(A) 40mA
(B) 357mA
(C) 360mA
(D) 200mA

Despite years of poverty and ——-, the poet Ruth Pitter produced work that is now ——- by a range of literary critics.

(A) security . . hailed
(B) depression . . criticized
(C) celebrity . . publicized
(D) inactivity . . undermined
(E) adversity . . acclaimed

He sometimes pretends he can’t ……. a single word you are saying but all the time he’s taking it all in.

(a) listen to
(b) listening to
(c) hear
(d) hearing

Which situation is best represented by the function f(x), where f(x)=12x + 5?

a. An office-supply store sells x boxes of ballpoint pens that contain a dozen pens per box for $5 each.
b. An Olympic swimmer trains by swimming 12 kilometers on each of x weekdays and 5 kilometers on each day of the weekend.
c. An algebra quiz has x problems worth 12 points each plus 5 extra-credit problems worth 5 points each.
d. Acompany sells x baseball caps for $12 each and charges a $5 shipping fee

Outcomes Placement Test Package Placement Test Question 15

I can’t …….. your hair, because I haven’t got any scissors.

(a) brush
(b) cut
(c) wash
World History

Ziggurats in ancient Mesopotamia mainly served as:

(A) Grain storages
(B) Places of Worship
(C) Tombs for Kings
(D) Palaces for Kings
(E) Homes for nobles