World History

The granting of independence to the African nations in their form by the European powers after World War 2 is frequently criticised for what?

(A) The use of arbitrary borders
(B) The imposition of reparations to be paid to the colonisers
(C) The destruction of the Qin dynasty
(D) The appointment of the colonisers of their own governments
(E) The continued genocide in countries like Botswana and Egypt

Barton College Practice Placement Test Question 27

A 36 foot long tube is cut into two pieces with ratio 4:5. Find the length of the shorter piece.

(A) 9 feet
(B) 16 feet
(C) 12 feet
(D) 20 feet
United States History

The Treaty of Versailles stated all the following EXCEPT:

(A) Germany would have to pay reparations to Allied nations.
(B) Alsace-Lorraine would be returned to France.
(C) New nations called Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia would be established.
(D) Russia would be known as the Soviet Union.
(E) Germany would accept total blame for the war.

I ……. what you are saying but that still doesn’t make me want to change my mind one little bit.

(a)  listen
(b) hear
(c) am listing
(d) am hearing

Which of these labels matches the structure of the partial RNA strand shown?

(A) I. phosphate; II. ribose; III. nitrogen base
(B) I. phosphate; II. nitrogen base; III. ribose
(C) I. nitrogen base; II. phosphate; III. ribose
(D) I. ribose; II. nitrogen base; III. phosphate
(E) I. ribose; II. phosphate; III. nitrogen base

Barton College Practice Placement Test Question 28

A large square pizza has 49 pieces (square slices). John, Jack and Jane ate all the pieces in the ratio 4:2:1 respectively. How many pieces did Jack eat?

(A) 10 pieces
(B) 12 pieces
(C) 14 pieces
(D) 18 pieces

LEAP Practice Test Grade 8 Mathematics Session 1 Question 15

Use the number line below to answer the question.

Which point on the number line is the best approximation for \sqrt{6} ?

(A) point W
(B) point X
(C) point Y
(D) point Z

The SAT Practice Test #1 Math Test No Calculator Question 1

If \frac{x-1}{3}=k and k=3 what is the value of x ?

(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 9
(D) 10