Outcomes Placement Test Package Placement Test Question 24

Daniel’s hair is getting far too long; he should …….. soon.

(a) cut it
(b) have cut it
(c) have it cut
World History

Was was the main concern of neighbouring European monarchies following the French revolution?

(A) The spread of revolution in Europe
(B) The destruction of foreign property in France
(C) The violation of basic rights in France
(D) The possibility of a French invasion of Spain
(E) The execution of Louis XVI

Outcomes Placement Test Package Placement Test Question 42

Cassie went to bed early because she was …….. . a tired b stressed c relaxed

(a) tired
(b) stressed
(c) relaxed
Logic & Reasoning

Establishing a Power of Attorney occurs when a legal document is created that gives one individual the authority to act for another. Which situation below is the best example of Establishing a Power of Attorney?

a. Louise is selling her house and she hires a lawyer to review the contract.
b. Simone’s mother can no longer get to the bank to cash her checks and make deposits, so she has taken legal steps to enable Simone to do these things for her.
c. Jack’s father is elderly and Jack thinks he is no longer able to make decisions for himself.
d. At her daughter’s urging, Mrs. Lenox opens up a retirement account with the local bank.
United States History

Which of the following best describes the pattern of
immigration into Britain’s North American colonies during the
years 1620 to 1770?

(A) Largely English in the seventeenth century, non-English in the eighteenth century
(B) Chiefly of English origin during the whole period
(C) Largely non-English in the seventeenth century, English in the eighteenth century
(D) Predominantly from southern and eastern Europe, especially after 1700
(E) Predominantly from Asia, Africa, and Spanish America, especially after 1650

Choose the sentence that is NOT correctly written or that is unclear. If all sentences are correct, choose answer d.

a. Marlene likes my apple crisp better than Aunt Kate’s.
b. The people in the auditorium, whether they were seated or standing.
c. I registered for a class in West Indian literature.
d. No mistakes.