LEAP Practice Test Grade 8 Mathematics Session 1 Question 4

Rectangle LOSP is shown below. The lengths, in units, of some of the line segments are also shown. Line segments MQ and NR are perpendicular to line segment LO.

Which shape is similar to rectangle LOSP?


Outcomes Placement Test Package Placement Test Question 30

The global financial crisis, …….. is forcing lots of small businesses to close, does not look set to end soon.

(a) it
(b) that
(c) which
United States History

General Howe was determined to capture the city of Philadelphia primarily because

(A) it was the capital city and such a capture would be prestigious
(B) it was an important Atlantic seaport city
(C) it had been the scene of most of the fierce resistance to the Acts of Parliament before the war began
(D) it was the home of Benjamin Franklin
(E) it was a Loyalist city and would welcome the arrival of the British

Until about 10,000 years ago, humans had lived almost exclusively as hunters and gatherers, harvesting wild plants and animals, then, people had begun to cultivate domesticated plants, and to grow food.

(A) animals, then, people had begun
(B) animals, people then began
(C) animals, so that then, people had begun
(D) animals; so that then, people began
(E) animals; then, people began

The study of matter is called

(A) Chemistry
(B) Biology
(C) Geology
(D) Physics
(E) Psychology

Organisms that comprise the greatest mass of living substance (biomass) in a terrestrial food chain

(A) Decomposers (e.g., bacteria)
(B) Producers (e.g., grasses)
(C) Primary consumers (e.g., mice)
(D) Secondary consumers (e.g., snakes)
(E) Tertiary consumers (e.g., hawks)

The man’s ______ driving resulted in a four-car pile-up on the freeway.

a. burdensome
b. charismatic
c. exceptional
d. boastful
e. negligent
World History

The first samples of ancient Chinese writing, found on crab shells and dating from the Shang dynasty, were used for:

A. Trading records
B. Diplomatic messages
C. Legal records
D. Poetry and Literature
E. Prophecies

Outcomes Placement Test Package Placement Test Question 16

I wish I …….. have an exam tomorrow!

(a) don’t
(b) didn’t
(c) won’t