−3x - 4y = 20
x - 10y = 16

If (x,y) is the solution to the system of equations above, what is the value of x ?

A) -14
B) -12
C) -4
D) 16
World History

Japanese emperors are traditionally seen by the Japanese people as:

(A) The emissaries of celestial spirits on Earth
(B) Descendants of Amaterasu
(C) Nature spirits in flesh
(D) Warrior-Lords upon whom they rely on for protection
(E) Rulers by virtue of the military successes of their ancestors.

The two travelers may have chosen ——- routes across the continent, but the starting point was the same for each.

(A) coinciding
(B) direct
(C) charted
(D) divergent
(E) intersecting

The genetic code table shows the amino acids that correspond to mRNA codons. Each codon is read from 3′ (first nucleotide) to 5′ (third nucleotide). A DNA template strand is shown.

Which amino acid sequence will be assembled from the mRNA associated with this strand?

DNA template strand: 5′-GCG ACA TAC ACT-3′

(A) Ala-Cys-Met
(B) Arg-Cys-Met
(C) Ala-Thr-Tyr-Thr
(D) Ala-Thr-Tyr-Trp
(E) Arg-Thr-Tyr-Thr

2019 U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Local Section Exam Question 15

In which are the ionic solids ranked in order of increasing melting point?

(A) KBr < NaCl < NaF < MgO
(B) NaF < NaCl < MgO < KBr
(C) KBr < NaCl < MgO < NaF
(D) MgO < NaF < KBr < NaCl
World History

More than any other factor, what helped the Europeans conquer the Americas early on?

(A)  Gunpowder
(B) Disease
(C) Horses
(D) Infighting among the natives
(E) Religion

Outcomes Placement Test Package Placement Test Question 37

“I’ve got a headache.” “Maybe you …….. to take an aspirin.”

(a) should
(b) ought
(c) don’t

Organisms that convert nitrogen-containing organic molecules into nitrates

(A) Decomposers (e.g., bacteria)
(B) Producers (e.g., grasses)
(C) Primary consumers (e.g., mice)
(D) Secondary consumers (e.g., snakes)
(E) Tertiary consumers (e.g., hawks)

What is the mass of an object that has a density of 13 g/mL and a volume of 10 mL?

(A) 1.3 g/mL
(B) 0.77 g/mL
(C) 1.3 g/L
(D) 130 g
(E) 130 g/L
United States History

2015 AP U.S. History Practice Exam Multiple-Choice Questions 5

Questions 4 – 7 refer to the graph below.

The migrants represented by the graph most typically settled in which of the following regions of the United States?

(A) The Northeast
(B) The Southeast
(C) The Southwest
(D) The West Coast